Sunday, April 15, 2007

Why I hate Josh Lewin: 3

(The third in a continuing series wherein I examine my very hostile, very uncharitable feelings for the overly chatty Texas Rangers TV announcer.)

Once baseball season starts up, Saturdays take on a special significance for me. It's on these days that Josh Lewin leaves the Rangers broadcast booth for the Fox national game, taking his AM-deejay brand of humor to the network level where they evidently love that kind of thing. And I rejoice. Texas almost always plays at night. This means that the beaten-into-quiet-submission second announcer Tom Grieve partners with someone else for the Rangers Saturday telecast and the result is always startling. Grieve becomes animated -- almost sassy! Freed from his usual role of courtesy-laugher for Lewin's carefully rehearsed pop culture riffs and go-nowhere jokes, Grieve can make actual game-related observations that indeed keep things interesting.

But this was not the case yesterday. The Texas-Seattle game was a Fox broadcast so the play-by-play guy was: Josh Lewin. With Eric Karros. I didn't make it past inning 2.

Because you ruined Saturday baseball for me yesterday -- I hate you Josh Lewin!


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