Monday, July 03, 2006

Why I hate Josh Lewin: 1

To Josh Lewin's thinking, every Texas Rangers game is, first and foremost, an opportunity for him to amaze us with his command of pop culture references. HE WILL NOT BE OUTDONE BY THOSE SPORTSCENTER GUYS!! No on-field action is too exciting or controversial to interrupt his carefully prepared run list of song lyrics and movie lines. Only sometimes do these comments relate to the game. Never are they spontaneous. Never are they even funny.

Because you deadpanned "Hey now you're an all-star" during a Gary Matthews Jr at-bat last night and thought it was high comedy, I hate you Josh Lewin!


Blogger kefrodell said...

I only heard him once on a Fox Broadcast, and I hated him from the moment I heard him describe a Red Sox hit as, "skipping like a stone across a placid New England Pond."

6:29 PM  

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