Monday, July 03, 2006

The Cause

Let us now turn to page 3 of our Charlie Hustle text (copyright 1975 by Associated Features Inc), and read:

"Borbon, who is a wild man, was almost insensible with fury. He reached down, grabbed a cap, and put it on his head. It was Cleon Jones' Met cap.

"'Pete,' Borbon said to me later, 'I put the cap on and see blue all over my head. I grab it and I don't know what happen.'

"I had to laugh. I saw what he did. He took the cap off, tugged at it, stuck it in his mouth, bit it, tore it, and threw it away piece by piece. All the while, Jones was walking behind him, trying to pick up the pieces of his cap."

As someone who has seen blue all over my head for far too long, I wish to salute Pedro. I will now honor him by regularly grabbing metaphorical caps and biting and tearing until I don't know what happen.


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