Sunday, July 16, 2006

Why I hate Josh Lewin: 2

(The second in a continuing series wherein I examine my very hostile, very uncharitable feelings for the overly chatty Texas Rangers TV announcer.)

Tom Grieve was once the Texas Rangers General Manager and, as such, he bears sole responsible for foisting Bobby Valentine on us for 8 long years. But Grieve is also a good guy. A thoroughly decent, nice man who played in the Major Leagues for 9 seasons and gracefully took to the broadcast booth when the Rangers fired him -- finally -- as GM in 1994. Not exactly high-energy behind the mic, Grieve has nonetheless always been pleasant and insightful and never, ever obviously drunk.

But now, 5 years of working with Josh Lewin has clearly rendered Grieve all but senseless. Lewin's constant babble, his unending stream of carefully scripted pop culture riffs, his insistence on observing the crowd more than the game -- these have understandably beat Grieve down. It's as if Grieve can no longer remember why he's there and has given up hope of talking baseball. Instead, the games go on, rallies start and die and Tom Grieve simply waits -- quietly, obediently -- for his cue to over-laugh at Josh Lewin's latest "joke." So many green-light-to-swing debates, lost. And this wounds me.

Because you turned a nice guy into your own personal courtesy laugher -- and then teased him about it during the Baltimore game -- I hate you Josh Lewin!


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