Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Those 80s Rangers were big. And there was a reason.

Yesterday when Deadspin asked about Juan Gonzalez, it was the Gentleman Masher who supplied the most impressive answer:

"It's still kind of amusing to see how right Canseco was about the guys that played on the Rangers with him. Let's see...Sosa? Check. Juan Gon? Check. Raffy? Check. Your next, Pete Incaviglia. Oh, wait..."

An Incaviglia reference? How rare. And: genius. Amazingly though, the Gentleman Masher left out Ivan Rodriguez. What's the concensus on Pudge? I'm not sure but I think, with the weight loss all but forgotten and the Tigers actually winning games this season, Pudge may now be controversy-proof.

One more thing: I don't want to criticize the sports reporting in this town but does anyone think it's odd that it took a Jose Canseco book to expose Rangers' steroids use -- years after the fact? But maybe that's nothing to be ashamed of. Pedro Gomez understands.


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